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3D Text Logo Generator

Type in the text you want turned into a banner logo and click preview. Your graphic will appear in a small pop-up window. Now you can see each change you make to the banner logo, when you change the font, color, or 3D effect. Experiment and see which works best for you.

When you are satisfied, right click on the image and save the picture. INternet Explorer users can save the image in your choice of BMP or PNG formats; Netscape/Mozilla browsers can save the file in PNG. You can use PNG image files in your web pages, since all major browasers can handle PNG as easily as GIF or JPG. Once you've saved the file, you can edit the image or change its format with any software you might have on your computer.

As an example, the "Webmaster Extras"  logo was made with this online utility. More info about Xara 3D

Domain Name Analyzer

Want to create a catchy domain name and find out if it is available to register?

Download our FREE Domain Name Analyzer software that runs on any Windows PC. Create your own list of prefixes and suffixes to add to a word (for example: i-, super-, -world, -shop, etc.) to expand your options. You can quickly create a long list of potential domain names and check to see which of them are available to register. 

When you've found an available name you like, just highlight the domain name, click the "Buy Domain" button, and you'll be taken to the Sign Up page at this site. Then type your desired domain name into the form box on that page to start the process to order your web hosting package.

Click here for a screen shot

Click here to download


Search Engine Submissions

The most important thing to do after you get your site up and running is to register it with various search engines. Three excellent choices for submissions are:

Google - it's free, and it's the most used search engine! Just submit the starting URL for your web site  (http://www.yoursite.com/) and Google will eventually search out the other pages on your site. The downside is it takes about 6-8 weeks to start appearing in its search results.

Dmoz.org - is a directory of web sites that serves as basis of directories at many other sites - including the Google and Netscape Directories (which are separate from their search databases). Submissions are free, but the process is a bit cumbersome and hit & miss. You have to find the most appropriate category for your web site and then submit from that specific page. However, many web sites mirror the DMOZ directory, and this can give you hundreds of links to your site from other peoples' - and that helps in the ratings battle at other search engines.

More Webmaster Extras

   Test Your Graphics Now!
Enter the exact URL for your online image:

Give your web page an online tuneup!



Image Optimizer

Reduce the size of your web site's
gif and jpeg image files to speed up your visitors' downloads of your pages. You can often reduce the size of your image files by 30-50% without noticeable
changes to the image quality.


Web Page Tune Up

Give one of your web pages a thorough tune up - test all its links and check to see that its HTML code is valid.


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Webmaster extras: use the free online 3D logo generator, html validator, image optimizer and search engine submissions.

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