Free turnkey reseller web hosting accounts. Billing and customer support all provided for free.
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Free reseller hosting plans - private label turnkey solutions

Set yourself up as a web host with a FREE Private Label Resellers Panel account. You can resell web hosting with no money down and no monthly quotas to meet. You don't even have to worry about billing the clients yourself! It couldn't be easier to start your own web hosting business.

Reseller Benefits - You run the game!

  • Private label reseller - resell to your clients under your own brand name
  • Turn-key template -use ready-to-use, customizable page templates or integrate the remote order & login forms into your own site
  • No billing fees - Resellers Panel covers all the billing expenses and offers fraud protection, no start up fee, and a 30 day money-back guarantee to your clients.
  • Resell competitive plans - resell any of the four predefined plans - all with unlimited storage and traffic - at retail prices you choose!
  • Liquid Plan Builder - if you prefer, create and customize your own hosting plans, and put your prices on them
  • You set your own prices - maintain full control over your profit
  • Detailed statistics - complete report of each and every single sale you make
  • Free domain hosting - we host your reseller domain & template for free
  • Affordable domain price - $6.00/year with every hosting package; you can choose to bundle a free .com .org or .net domain into the hosting accounts you resell
  • Professional support - available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year - both to you, as a reseller, and to your clients, 1 hour response time guaranteed
  • Over 60 video tutorials - your clients can access 60 video tutorials from their control panel
  • Reseller API - if you want to handle client billing yourself
  • Flexible wallet system - get discounts with every account refill for API plans
  • No obligations - Neither future obligations and deposits, nor special skills required*
  • Private DNS and E-Mail Cluster - for an extra fee you can opt to set up DNS and E-Mail servers with your own domain, or use Reseller Panel's generic servers for free.


  • Multi-currency billing - all your clients can use credit cards or PayPal payments in US, Canadian or Australian dollars, as well as British Pounds or Euros. Choose your default currency to match your market.
  • Multiple Language Hosting Control Panel - available to your clients in 11 languages
  • Multiple Language E-Mail Interface - your clients can access their web mail in over 40 languages
  • International Servers Option - you can choose to offer your clients hosting on servers in either the USA, UK, Australia or Sweden!
  • International TLDs! - your clients can order from dozens of international TLDs, including: .uk .ca .au .de .eu .cc .cn .jp. .me .mx .tv .tw .info .us & .name in addition to the usual .com .net & .org domain names!

Order fulfillment and payment processing are handled by Resellers Panel. You set the retail price to reflect the profit you want to earn above wholesale. Everything else is handled by Resellers Panel. You don't pay a cent for the resold accounts - just collect your commission after the sale.

Resellers Panel offers complete 24/7 support and a 30 day money-back guarantee to your clients as well!

Turn-key Solution #1: Just supply your domain name and Resellers Panel will host your turn-key template site for free. Resellers Panel's completely automated system can be set up in minutes.

Find out how to resell hosting with Resellers Panel's free private label turnkey solutions

Turn-key Solution #2: You can also take advantage of the Resellers Panel turn-key program if you have your own web site that you wish to offer hosting through. Simply integrate the remote order and login forms right into your site for a seamless look! Resellers Panel will still handle the billing and support for your clients.

Compare Resellers Panel to other reseller programs and you will see the difference. With other plans you have to pay monthly fees for your reseller account. With other plans the total file storage and bandwidth used by your clients comes right out of your own resellers account quota. With other plans you have to bill your clients yourself and worry about fraud protection. Not so with Resellers Panel!! Sign up for Resellers Panel turn-key solutions and you will get these benefits:

  • a FREE resellers account
  • resell an unlimited numner of hosting accounts
  • every resold hosting account has its own storage and bandwidth quotas - up to 40G/500G!
  • Resellers Panel handles billing and support for your clients


Free Reseller Hosting Program, Private Label, Turn Key, API, Multi-Currency Payments

Click here to find out more about Reseller Hosting!


Reseller API Available - earn up to a 20% discount on wholesale prices if you wish to integrate the reseller API into your own site, and to handle your clients' billing and support. Just keep your Resellers Panel wallet topped up and charge your clients.


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No cost reseller hosting plans - resell web hosting with no money down through
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