Powerful, affordable web hosting lets you choose to build on line or create your own pages. 15G storage and 300G traffic for $6.95 per month!
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  • Unlimited storage & traffic
  • FREE Domain Name
  • FREE Online Site Builder
  • FREE Video Tutorials
  • 24/7 Online Support
  • Multilingual Control Panel
  • Web Hosting For First-Time Builders:

    Have you avoided setting up a web site because you don't know how?

    Site Studio, our online web site builder, can work with you step by step and have you creating a professional looking web site simply by pointing and clicking!

    Visit the Site Studio page for video tutorials, documentation, tips, and a hands-on demo of the system - try it and you'll discover that you can build your own web site! This is a point and click interface that will let you create a professional looking pages, based on your choice of dozens of templates and color theme combinations.

    Web Hosting For Experienced Web Designers:

    Create your own pages offline using your own preferred design software. Then, simply FTP the files to your account. Professional features to satisfy power hungry web masters!

    Full Hosting Accounts Feature List:

    All web hosting accounts have professional features to help your web site grow as your needs and skills grow:

    Free Domain Name - your own www.yourname.com domain name is included in the hosting fee. You can set up sub-domains (i.e. download.yoursitename.com) as well as change the MX mail records right from within your hosting control panel. If you already have a domain name, transfer your hosting for free.

    Advanced Control Panel - control many features of your web site and email by logging in to your Control Panel. Try a demo of the hosting Control Panel. Over 60 video tutorials are available from the Control Panel, watch and see how to manage all aspects of your hosting account. Multilingual interface - Choose English, French, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Russian, Bulgarian,  Ukrainian, Norwegian, Dutch, 简体中文 (Chinese Traditional), or 繁体中文 (Chinese - Simplified) for the language of your control panel!

    Multiple domain hosting - with the $12.95/month Enterprise Account you can host an unlimited number of domians, if you choose the $9.95/month Corporate Account you can host up to 30 domains within your account's allocation storage and site traffic. Even the $6.95/month Business Account allows you to host 3 domains. Your first domain name registration (or transfer) is provided free as part of the annual charges for your account. You can register extra domain names right from your hosting account control panel for only $10/year. If you already have other domain names registered that you wish to host on your account, simply ask your domain registrar to change the DNS servers for your domain to match your hosting account.

    POP3 or WebMail email - create email addresses & mailboxes for your domain name from the Control Panel. You can read your mail online or access it from Outlook or Eudora. Enable Spam filtering and antivirus protection right at the source! Auto-responders are included as well. Two web mail systems are available if you wish to check your email online. Use the new HORDE email system and choose from over 40 language interfaces for web mail:

    Advanced DNS Management - create custom MX and A records for your domain from within the control panel.

    24/7 Support - Free email support for hosting questions is provided if you can't find answer from the extensive online FAQs. Live help is close at hand and you should receive a response within one hour, 24/7!

    Online File Manager - from the Control Center you will be able to access an online File Manager that lets you transfer files from your computer to your hosting account. This feature is not necessarily needed if you create all your web pages using Site Studio.

    FTP Access - If you create your own web pages, you can upload and download directly with the FTP client of your choice. Remember that your FTP password is initially set as the same as your Control Panel log in, but you can change either password from with Control Panel.

    Instant Account Creation - you can upload and access your web files, as soon as you receive your order confirmation email. Although your new domain name registration/transfer can take about 48 hours to come into effect, you can visit your site before that. For example, if your domain name is www.yoursitesname.com, then you can access it immediately after sign up at yoursitesname.supremesite.net.

    PHP - ready to run your PHP programs.

    Over 30 ready-to-install PHP Scripts - automatically install shopping carts, blogs, calendars, discussion boards, wiki, image galleries, and much more. The Elefante installer will set up your choice of scripts without you needing to know any PHP programming! Find out more about Elefante and to demo the software you can install. Scripts include:

    Ad Management

  • phpAdsNew
  • phpList
  • Blog

  • WordPress
  • Calendar

  • WebCalendar
  • Classified Ads

  • Classifieds
  • Content Management

  • Drupal
  • Geeklog
  • Moodle
  • Nucleus
  • Open Realty
  • PhpWiki
  • WebSiteBaker
  • phpWebSite
  • Customer Support

  • Crafty Syntax Live Help
  • Help Center Live
  • OS Ticket
  • PHPTickets
  • Support Logic Helpdesk
  • Discussion Boards

  • YaBB SE
  • phpBB2
  • File Manipulation

  • Invision Power FM
  • Groupware Tools

  • DOTproject
  • PHProject
  • Portal Systems

  • Mambo
  • PHP Nuke
  • PostNuke
  • Server Management

  • phplinks
  • Shopping Cart for E-Commerce

  • OS Commerce
  • Web Hosting Tools

  • phpFormGenerator
  • phpcoin
  • Perl - click here to find out full details about the Perl version and modules installed on the servers.

    Custom CGI - you can run your own cgi scripts - and from any directory!

    Python - you can run your own Python scripts in CGI mode!

    MySQL databases - simply activate them from the Control Panel to use, and order upgrades for extra databases if you need more.

    SSL - use a shared SSL certificate for free to enable secure transactions on your site. Note - this service requires a static IP address, which is an extra-cost option.

    FrontPage Extensions - activate from the Control Panel and you can take full advantage of all of FrontPage's features.

    Unlimited email lists - set them up from your Control Panel.

    Webalizer Statistics - graphical and tabular data about global traffic to your web site. Access this through the Control Panel

    Access Raw Traffic Statistics - access the raw traffic data to analyze on your own, if you wish.

    Custom 404 error pages - create your 404 file and upload it to your account.

    Linux Servers - all our hosting accounts run on Linux-based computers, running Apache server software.

    24 backups - all accounts are backed up by LiquidNet/DuoServers.com every 24 hours; the actual servers are protect by diesel-powered backup generators.


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    Upgrade Option Charges for your Web Hosting Account:
    (Ordered through your Control Panel any time after sign-up)

    $1.00 / mo. Activate SSH access
    $1.00 / mo. 3 Extra MySQL databases
    $1.00/ mo. Extra MySQL storage - 10 MB
    $1.50 / mo. Extra traffic bandwidth, per 4 GB
    $1.50 / mo. Extra Storage, per 400 MB
    $1.50 / mo. Host 2 extra domain names beyond account allowance
    $2.00 / mo. Static IP - necessary to install SSL
    $10.00 / yr. Register extra domain names


    Server Locations:

    You can choose to have your hosting account located on servers in the US, UK, Australia or Sweden!




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    Powerful web hosting package lets novices build a web site online and experienced designers use FTP, FrontPage, MySQL, Perl, CGI, PHP and multiple domain hosting.