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Dictionary of web hosting terms

Plan Price
The price is the amount of money you'll need to purchase our service. Our web hosting plan prices are paid annually.

Account Setup
Setup is the preliminary act of preparing a resource for a productive run which requires some type of adjustment or additional configuring. The price for setup includes the human work involved in machine adjustments, consumables used and also the defective items produced while finalizing the setup process.

Money-back Guarantee
We offer a 30 day money-back guarantee for all our web hosting clients, which means that in this period you can have your money refunded. Anything after these 30 days is non-refundable (Domain names are non-refundable once registered).

Disk Space
Disk space is the amount of storage you get when signing up for a web hosting account. It can be used for uploading any type of files - everything from text documents, to .html documents, to pictures.

Traffic is the term used to describe the amount of data transferred and the number of visits made to a web site at a given period. The level of traffic is the main guide-line which determines which infrastructure you require for your personal or business web site. It is also what determines the price you'll have to pay your Internet Service Provider for the traffic consumed over that given period of time.

Domain name registration
Domain registration is the process of registering a unique name which will identify your web site. Domain names must have an extension, where .com .net and .org are the most popular ones. When registering a domain name, users should keep in mind that domains are tied to name servers, which direct to which IP address the domain should point. Any server can have multiple domain names, but a domain name can only point to one server. One free domain registration or hosting transfer is included with your hosting plan.

Technical support
Technical support is somebody to call, e-mail or message when something with the service you're using has gone wrong, or you don't seem to know how to complete a given task and would like professional assistance.

Extensive online documentation
We have written and compiled one of the biggest online documentaries available on the Internet today. We have various FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions) and tutorials available to all our users.

Integrated ticketing system
Resellers Panel has developed and integrated an online ticketing system for all its users. Should you ever experience any technical difficulties, feel free to post an online trouble ticket. Our experienced team of technicians will to solve your problem in an average of 15 minutes.

1 hour response guarantee
Resellers Panel guarantees that all your requests, wether sales or support related, will be answered in a time span of no more than 60 minutes.

Hosted domains
Resellers Panel is proud to announce that we can host virtually any top level domain. No matter if you're extension is .co.uk, .us, or even .fj! We can host up to 3 domain names on a single accounts (Corporate web hosting plan only).

Subdomain is subsection of a domain. One such example of subdomain would be john.yourdomain.com.

Custom MX and A records
MX Record (Mail Exchange Record)- Mail Server records designate the mailservers that will handle mail for a given domain. Should a user have more than one mailserver, MX records can also specify the order in which the mailservers will be used as primary, secondary, backup and so on. An A record is a DNS Address resource record. It maps a host's name to its address and specifies the Internet Protocol address (in dotted decimal form) of the host. Each host address should have one A record.

Site Studio
Our free advanced online web site builder will help you create and modify your brand new web page with ease! Site Studio has been optimized to guarantee your easy and pleasant work with web pages. Now you can have a web site up and running in 30 minutes!

FrontPage Extensions support
FrontPage® is a Microsoft® product. It's software built for web publishing and it's main priority is that it allows HTML programmers a visual perspective when creating web documents. FrontPage's capabilities are fairly decent for building, for example, the essential HTML tables. It also allows users to FTP documents to a web server, giving them the ability to view their web pages online. A server with FrontPage® compatibility will allow it's users to edit their site using Microsoft® FrontPage®. This also allows them to make use of a special built-in features that use FrontPage Extensions (FrontPage Extensions Server add-ons which allows users to make use of pre-defined functions such as hit counters, Java buttons and form validation).
For more information about Microsoft® Office FrontPage® please visit http://www.microsoft.com/FrontPage/.

POP3 e-mail accounts
POP (Post Office Protocol) refers to the protocol commonly used by e-mail software (for example Outlook Express) to retrieve e-mail from a mail server. POP3 is currently the most common e-mail standard.

E-mail aliases
E-mail aliases can be setup as additional e-mail accounts, all under one domain name. If, for example, your primary e-mail is mymail@example.com and you'd like to add a secondary mail to your mailing account you can use an e-mail alias to set up your second e-mail address as backup@example.com.

Mailing lists
A mailing list is a system which allows people to send an e-mail to one address, where their message and/or attachments are copied and then resent to all of the other subscribers in that particular mailing list

Web e-mail
All our clients receive access to the our web mail. It's a free web-based e-mail system for easy and quick access to your mailbox. It can be used from anywhere and at any time, no e-mail client is required.

A mail server that supports the POP3 protocol. Used for retrieval and sending of e-mail messages using the POP3 protocol.

An SMTP server is a mail server that supports the SMTP protocol for e-mail transfer.

Autoresponder e-mails
An e-mail autoresponder is a special function that automatically returns a pre written templated message to anyone who sends e-mail to a particular e-mail address. E-mail autoresponders are widely used for the purpose of responding to visitor comments and suggestions in a pre-made, templated answer.

Catch-all e-mails
Catch-all e-mail is used to directs e-mail sent to any user (existing or not) on your e-mail list. This means that should an e-mail ever be sent to any address with @yourdomain.com at the end, the mail will be received and sorted in a special mailbox of your choice.

Webmail Interface Languages
If you use the HORDE webmail system for viewing your email online, then you can set the program's interface to your choice of over 40 languages. All menu and other selection items will be displayed in the language of your choice.

Anti-Virus protection
Software installed on a machine to prevent the introduction of viruses. Will also detect their presence and repair or remove them. Virus is a software that is covertly introduced on to a computer system with the intent of corrupting data or inhibiting the normal operation of the system or network.

MySQL is a multi-user SQL (Structured Query Language) database server. MySQL is quite a common database, proving APIs (application program interface) for such languages as C, C++, Java, Perl, PHP and Python. Information in the database is stored and retrieved using SQL.

phpMyAdmin is a tool written in PHP intended specifically to handle the administration of MySQL over the Internet. It can create and drop databases, it can edit tables (create, drop, modify) and fields, execute an SQL statement, manage privileges and also export data into various formats.

Perl (short for Practical Extraction and Report Language) is a general-purpose programming language invented by Larry Wall in 1987. With way over one million users around the globe, it's not hard to see why it has become the language of choice for Web development, text processing, Internet services and even mail filtering, graphical programming, systems administration, and every other common task requiring portable and easily-developed solutions.

PHP (a recursive acronym for PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor) is a server-side HTML embedded scripting language, used to create dynamic Web pages. A dynamic Web page is a page that can interact with the user viewing it, so that each page visitor sees specially customized information. PHP is open source and freely available for (primarily) use on Linux (UNIX) Web servers. It is also a great alternative to Microsoft's Active Server Pages (ASP) technology. The PHP script is embedded within a Web page along with its HTML, just like ASP is. Before the page resolves, the Web server calls PHP to interpret and perform the operations called for in the PHP script. Any HTML page scripted in PHP is typically given a file name suffix of ".php," ".php4," or ".phtml.".

Python is a web-friendly language allowing users to create more sophisticated websites of all kinds. Please note that Python runs in CGI mode instead of the standalone Apache module (mod_python).

Over 3500 Perl modules
A Perl module is a reusable package defined in a library file whose name is the same as the name of the package (with a .pm on the end)

Crontab is a Unix command for scheduling jobs which will be executed sometime in the future. A cron is usually used to schedule a task that is executed periodically - for example, to send out an e-mail message to specified people every month. Being a daemon process, it runs continuously, waiting for specific events to occur.

Advanced Control Panel
Our advanced Control Panel is a great way to manage your hosting account. It's packed with features and will help you relieve your web hosting efforts. You can access the Control Panel in your choice of language - English, Spanish, German & Bulgarian.

File Transfer Protocol - Primarily used for uploading or downloading files to and from remote computer systems on a network using TCP/IP, such as the Internet. An FTP account consists of a username and password, which is used to login to a users FTP archive or to be able to access it with a software program (FTP client or a HTML editor).

File manager
Our web-based file manager is a browsing, uploading and downloading tool, specifically designed for the needs of new users. Using the web-based file manager, they can execute specific file-related commands with ease.

Custom Error 404 page
A HTML Error 404 means a request was made for a file (or an object) and it was not found on the queried server. The most common reasons for such an error are : Moved pages, renamed pages, general user or server mistyping, and also the fact that some operating systems are case sensitive.

Password Protected Directories
Password protected directories allow you to protect information on your web site by specifying a single user or multi-user password protected directory. Password protected directories will allow you to store information online that will not be accessible to the general site visitor. This feature is a great tool in giving specific people a place to log into on your site and view documentation that is for them only.

Instant account activation
Your account will be active immediately after you've filled out our signup form. Users can access it instantly and begin work on their web store straight away.

SSL Certificate generation
Secure Sockets Layer. Allows encrypted, authenticated communications over the Web. SSL provides security in online commerce. URL's starting with "https://" indicate the utilization of SSL.
SSL certificate generation is the process of generation an unsigned SSL certificate code, before sending it to an authorized registrar for approval.

Server-Side Include (SSI) is a command in the form of an HTML comment that communicates with the web server and performs a task as part of the page download. Different servers support different commands and there is no official standard yet. If the web page you're visiting has a .shtml extension it's likely the page was generated partially with SSI commands.

SSH means Secure Shell and it allows you to securely access your web site using the SSH encryption software. Very useful for advanced web developers.

Unrestricted bandwidth
Unrestricted bandwidth means that you can use the maximum of our bandwidth connection available speed at a given moment. We haven't set a bandwidth cap and the data transfer, it's fully unrestricted.

Raw access and error logs
Error log - An error log records any abnormal activity on a web site or web server. It's common for different sites or servers to generate custom error logs, reflecting the use and abuse of the system. Systems administrators have to rely on such logs and are responsible for retrieving and examining them for any errors. Access logs are simply log every visit to your site and all the hits inside the site itself.

Traffic stats - WebAlizer
Our traffic stats utility compiles several reports with graphics and text for each processed month. The Webalizer produces several reports (html) and graphics for each month processed. In addition, a summary page is generated for the current and previous months (up to 12). The yearly (index) report shows statistics for a 12-month period, and links to each month. The monthly report has detailed statistics for that month with additional links to any URL's and referrers found.

Detailed bandwidth stats
All our users can have access to a detailed summary of their bandwidth stats.

Stable Linux with Apache
Linux is currently the most popular, freely-distributable open source operating system, which can runs on a number of hardware platforms. The Linux kernel was originally developed by Linus Torvalds. Since it is free of charge, and because it has such a high platform compatibility (this includes PCs and Macintoshes), Linux has become an extremely popular alternative to payed operating platforms. Apache is a freely distributed Web server that is available under an "open source" license. According to a popular web server survey 60% of web sites on the World Wide Web are using Apache, easily making Apache more widely used than all other Web servers combined.

2.5 GBits network connectivity
The internet connection speed is currently one of the fastest available - 2.5 Gbits. This is the total connectivity that our network provider located in Fremont/California has with the outside world.

Daily data back-up
We treat our clients information with the utmost care. That's the reason why we backup all the info on our servers on a daily basis. Should there be any technical issue, we can restore all the info from the previous day.

UPS & diesel back-up generator
We have a powerful UPS's and diesel backup electricity generator, should we ever experience a prolonged power outage.



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